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What We Do

 We transform canvas-wrapped photographs into brilliant sounding smart speakers. These speakers take a fundamentally different approach to creating sound that fills a room in a way that other speakers can't. Our speakers use patented technology to produce uncompromising sound despite being indistinguishable from a canvas photo; that is, until you need it to be. 

DML frequency angle

Surround Sound

Our speakers produce sound at 180 degrees from the surface of your canvas, filling your entire room with evenly distributed sound. 

Bluetooth 5.0

We use the latest Bluetooth streaming technology for quick connection and long connection range. Learn more about our technology here.

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Patented Technology

Our patented technology is what allows us to create incredibly clear sound through a canvas-wrapped photograph. Our technology allows our speakers to remain ultra thin, yet still deliver beautiful sound. 

Featured Series

Kathrin Federer

Swiss digital artist Kathrin Federer masterfully merges photography, 3D objects, and vectors to create vivid, minimalist art pieces. See more of her amazing work!

Personalize Series

Turn your photo into a speaker with the Personalize series. Upload your photo, choose a size, and fill your home with beautiful sound. 

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Artist Series

Choose from a collection of professional photography and artwork from talented artists. 

Abstract Series

Created by artists. Built for your home. The Abstract series creates the perfect combination of visual and acoustic beauty.

More about Spoke Sound

Partner with Us!

Spoke Sound partners with individuals, artists, and companies to create an artistic community! Here, we appreciate the intersection of visual and acoustic beauty as a unique form of expression.

Not only do our partners receive various incentives for promoting Spoke Sound speakers, they also gain access to our unique community of creators and consumers. Artists and photographers have the opportunity to be featured on our website, social media, newsletters and more. We're here to promote their work! Check out our existing artist partnerships under "Artists". 

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