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Partners with Artists and Photographers!

What We Do

 We transform canvas-wrapped photographs into brilliant sounding speakers. These speakers take a fundamentally different approach to creating sound that fills a room in a way that other speakers can't. Spoke Sound's speakers are battery powered and equipped with the latest Bluetooth & WiFi technology so they can hang on a wall and remain indistinguishable from a photo; that is, until you need them to be. 

Featured Series 


Surround Sound

Our speakers produce sound at 180 degrees from the surface of your canvas, filling your entire room with evenly, distributed sound. 


WiFi Enabled 

We use Bluetooth and WiFi streaming technology which means you can link multiple speakers together to create whole house audio. Learn more here.


Patented Technology

Our patented technology is what allows us to create incredibly clear sound through a canvas-wrapped photograph. Our technology allows our speakers to remain ultra-thin yet still deliver beautiful sound. 


Artist Series

Choose from a collection of professional photography and artwork from talented artists including Lyndsey Lamell, Maddi Quamme, Nika Meyers, and more!

Abstract Series

Created by artists. Built for your home. The Abstract Series creates the perfect combination of visual and acoustic beauty.