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At Spoke Sound our mission is to provide customers with beautiful sound behind a custom picture. We work hard to make sure our products are held to the highest standards of acoustic and visual beauty and have spent thousands of hours perfecting the speaker picture. While we are a consumer company, we are working on ways to lessen our environmental impacts and give back to the planet that built us. 


Spoke Sound is a company focused on passion, quality, and beauty. Spoke Sound brings both visual and acoustic beauty to users and creates a deeper connection with each piece of artwork. We are a brand that is elegant, beautiful and has a company culture of care into every product. When you buy a Spoke Sound speaker you are building a connection to your artwork that was previously impossible. As a consumer, you feel like you are buying a product that will impress and add beauty and convenience to your life.

Our Story

Our founder, Will Bodewes, was fed up with speakers that were too big or ugly for the rooms where he wanted to listen to music. Armed with a mechanical engineering background and a passion for quality audio Will set out to create a speaker that looked as good as it sounded. After over 3 years of research, designing and testing he arrived at Swell- a Bluetooth based speaker picture that looked and sounded amazing. After some incredible feedback from this product Will realized that there was another amazing opportunity for speaker pictures in the home audio industry. So, with that, he got back to the drawing board and created Surge- the high fidelity speaker picture with Wi-Fi and smart home integration. 

About Our Products

Made in the USA

All of our speakers are designed and assembled within the USA. 

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Sustainability Focused

Spoke Sound pledges to consider environmental responsibility at every stage of design, production, and distribution. We prioritize sustainable materials to create a superior product without harming our Earth. 

About Our Founder

Will Bodewes, Founder and CEO, Spoke Sound Speakers
Vector Art

As we try to make our space more beautiful, speakers are often left behind because of their aesthetics. My passion is creating products that are both visually and acoustically beautiful and share the joy of great speakers in any space.

Will Bodewes, Founder & CEO

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About Our History

Graduated from SCAPE

Spoke Sound graduated from the Southwestern Colorado Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs (SCAPE) in 2021. They provide 6 months of expertise, coaching, and guidance for a small group of promising companies. 

More About Us


Spoke Sound is currently accepting investments for continuing expansion and the development of a new product. If you are interested in taking part in the next home audio sensation reach out to us at:

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