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Our mission is to create a profound connection between art enthusiasts and the artwork they cherish, through the seamless integration of visual and acoustic beauty. With each Spoke Sound speaker, we bridge the gap between art and technology, adding depth, convenience, and elegance to our customers' lives.


In this artist-driven culture, we strive to craft products that reflect the care, passion, and dedication of the creative minds we collaborate with. By putting artists first, we not only enhance the sensory experience for our customers, but also contribute to a vibrant artistic community that values genuine connection and mutual support.


Spoke Sound is a company focused on passion, quality, and beauty. Spoke Sound brings both visual and acoustic beauty to users and creates a deeper connection with each piece of artwork. We are a brand that is elegant, beautiful and has a company culture of care into every product. When you buy a Spoke Sound speaker you are building a connection to your artwork that was previously impossible. As a consumer, you feel like you are buying a product that will impress and add beauty and convenience to your life.

Our Story

The story of Spoke Sound began with a simple yet revolutionary idea: speakers should be as beautiful as the sound they produce. After spending over three years researching, testing, and patenting our groundbreaking technology, we initially launched as an ecommerse direct-to-consumer company. However, we soon realized that the corporate approach did not resonate with our core values and aspirations. Embracing a bold new direction, we transitioned to a direct-to-artist model, carving out our own unique niche in the market. 

As we embarked on our journey, we soon recognized that our true calling lay in empowering artists and giving them the platform they deserved. With this in mind, we shifted from a direct-to-consumer approach to a pioneering direct-to-artist model, creating a distinctive space in the industry.

By prioritizing artists, we have fostered a collaborative atmosphere where their ingenuity and pursuit of excellence guide the design and crafting of our speakers. This artist-driven philosophy enables us to produce visually captivating products while nurturing a thriving community that supports and elevates artistic talent. In embracing this vision, Spoke Sound has transcended conventional sound technology, revolutionizing the way we engage with art and music.

About Our Products

Made in the USA

All of our speakers are designed and made in our warehouse in Durango, Corado!

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Recycling Bins

Sustainability Focused

Spoke Sound pledges to consider environmental responsibility at every stage of design, production, and distribution. We prioritize sustainable materials to create a superior product without harming our Earth. 

Some of Our Partners

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Partner With Us


We are eager to forge meaningful partnerships with artists, hotels, individuals, and businesses who share our vision for blending audio and visual artistry. Want to ride the Spoke Sound wave with us? Shoot us an email at:

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