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Dotti Gramke

Dotti Gramke is a portrait and art photographer based in South Central Nebraska. Her love of photography started at age 12, when Wyoming/Colorado regional photographer Stephen Collector visited her grandfather in Wyoming and photographed him for Law of the Range, a book about old west brand inspectors. Dotti started working with film and a Brownie camera in grade school; then took pictures in college as well. Her love of photography and experience grew as a reporter for two Nebraska newspapers. When her children were born; Dotti’s experience continued to grow. Most of the images featured were captured on walks near the artist’s rural home.
        “A photographer is a little bit of everything: part weatherman, part scientist, part artist; part IT tech and part designer. It takes All of these elements to create a great photo.”
Gramke’s work has been published in Wyoming Wildlife Magazine; Senior Year Magazine; Pretty Little Poser Model Magazine; and featured on several different social media outlets.

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