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Josh Blackman

I find beauty in the natural world and enjoy sharing my perspective through photographic works. My photography includes landscapes and nature, including large and small animals or anything that happens to catch my eye, while getting off the beaten path. A lifelong Kansas Citian, I find inspiration while hiking, boating, and traveling the world with my wife and two sons.

I was introduced to the art of photography while in high school at Blue Valley North in Overland Park, KS, and immediately took joy in discovering images. Photography continued to be a part of my life off and on, as my budget allowed. Most people forget how expensive of an art form this was in the early to mid-90s. There was the cost of film, chemicals, and processing just to see what images you were able to capture.

Life happened and I set down my camera in the early 2000's as I married my wife and had two sons. While I did what I could when time permitted, it wasn't until a family vacation to Colorado in 2021 that I realized how much I missed practicing the art I love. Ever since that point, I make time to get out weekly looking for that perfect shot in nature or landscapes.

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