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Mel Hofmann

Mel Hofmann, a San Francisco Bay Area native, is a renowned mixed-media artist and wildlife photographer. With a deep-rooted passion for art and textiles, Mel studied fine art textiles at the Instituto Allende in Mexico in 1975. She later earned a BFA in fine art textiles from California College of the Arts in 1996.

Mel's artistic talent has gained recognition worldwide. Her work has been featured in prestigious compilations like the Fiberarts Design Book #7 and earned her an award from the Teagu Textile Design Federation in South Korea. Notably, Lifescan Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, has acquired seven of her framed digital art prints for their conference room decor.

Beyond mixed media, Mel captures breathtaking wildlife photographs both in her Berkeley backyard and during her travels with her wife, Jayne. Her wildlife photography has even been incorporated into her captivating Oracle Deck, Sacred Journey Medicine Cards, which she offers free one-card readings from on her website.

To learn more visit her website at:

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