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Sally Sullivan

Meet Sally Sullivan from Bend OR. A former professional athlete (tennis) and business professional (sports lawyer) Sally has been passionate about photography her entire life: first film (“I had a dark room in every house I owned”); and then with the evolution of digital photography “the opportunity for creative photo art exploding with color, telling a story that goes as far as my imagination takes me, engulfed my entire being. Every one of my photos tells a story; creates a memory, moves you to laugh, to cry, or “remember when.”
My work is off the shelf, but also custom as well. Gathering information about my customer I then let my love of vibrant color, my background as a writer, and my electric life’s experiences, take me on a creative journey that often results in a “WOW, This Is Beautiful!”

Now by partnering with Spoke Sound a favorite song will come to mind that will enhance the visual experience of my work into a total “Reminiscing Experience”

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