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Photo Upload

Make this speaker  personalized for you by uploading a photograph.




Battery Power

Battery powered option for up to  20 hours of listening. 

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Bluetooth 5.0

We use the latest Wifi and Bluetooth connection for simple pairing and long distance connection.

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Sound Absorbtion

When off the speak absorbs some ambient sounds and can improve acoustics of any room.

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We use our proprietary Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Technology for great sound quality.

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Multi Room

Sync up to 20 Spoke-Sound speakers together to create an affordable home audio experience!

Wifi Speaker Compatability


Link Speakers Together

Link multiple speakers together wirelessly throughout your space and create a surround sound experience with left and right speaker options. 

Unlimited Tunes

Continuous, uninterrupted streaming. Even when your device leaves the room. 


HiFi Streaming

Wifi Speakers come standard with a bass boost function as well as adjustable equalization. Also built in Hifi music streaming at bitrates of 44.1khz/16bits (CD quality)

Additional Features

Supporting Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer and more with the 4Stream app! (see more below)


Free ios/Android App

Link your speakers together for a multiroom audio experience with the 4Stream app. 

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Stream From Anywhere

Stream your favorite music services such as Spotify, Tidal, Amazon music and more. Uninterrupted playback anytime, anywhere with the 4Stream App.

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