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Traditional Speakers

Speaker cone

Cone speakers, the traditional audio solution, employ cones to generate sound by pushing air back and forth. These speakers have multiple cones within a large enclosure to cover the full frequency range accurately. However, the cone shape limits sound waves to angles between 45°-105°, missing corners and edges of a room. Cone speakers also produce "point sound," leading to undesirable loud and dead spots.

Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DML)

Widely and evenly ditributed sound

On the other hand, Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DML) use bending wave physics to create sound from a large surface. DML speakers resonate with a carefully chosen foam core backing placed behind a picture, distributing sound throughout the surface and emitting sound at a 180° angle. DML technology offers uniform sound distribution, preventing echoing and evenly filling a room with sound, providing a superior audio experience.

So how do our speakers work?

Why DML?

Now that you know the difference between DML and traditional speakers, let's dive into some of the reasons DML technology is useful.  

Evenly Distributed Sound 

Cone speakers have "sweet spots"  for ideal listening, and when moving around the room the sound quality will vary. DML speakers produce even sound and don't play favorites to location.

Cone Speaker 

DML Speaker

Evenly distributed sound by speaker

This animation compares a cone speaker with a DML speaker for the directionality of sound.

(Notice how DML speakers disperse all frequencies more evenly)

Impressively Thin

Spoke Sound's patented technology is what allows for crystal clear sound out of a 1.5 inch thick frame. 

Expertly Designed

Our speakers are the result of over four years of research and development.  We use only quality components designed to last. 

Single Speaker Surround Sound

DML technology allows us to produce sound over such a large surface area that sound waves hit your ears from all angles, creating surround sound from one speaker. 

Sound Where You Need It

No more stands. Our DML speakers have a low profile so they can easily hang on walls and deliver sound at ear level.

Effortless Listening

Spoke Sound's Bluetooth connection and rechargeable battery make listening to your favorite music a breeze. 

Wall hanging slim speaker with bluetooth connectivity
Speaker power points for simple plugging

Tech Specs


Battery Life

20 hours mid volume

Output Power

20 Watts (RMS) 

Frequency Response
Depends on size


Music Format
Audio Decode
Up to 24bit/192kHz
Audio Output
44.1khz/16bits, CD quality

Music Concert
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