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Your Next Wedding Gift 


What is Swell?

Swell is a high-quality Bluetooth speaker built into a wall hanging canvas photograph. Swell's image can be customized to any image to create an amazing audio-visual experience. 

Your Wedding Experience

Choose a speaker size for your gift. We will then send you a personalized wedding card for you to give to the happy couple on their special day. The card has all the instructions for the couple to choose their favorite photo and they will receive their speaker picture in 5-7 days. 

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Tech Specs

bluetooth connectivity icon

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 with built in ultra low-latency APT-X streaming protocol to give you over 30ft of range. 

Long battery icon

Enjoy 20+ hours of battery life with our battery powered option. 

medal icon

Hear Swell's expertly-tuned audio and bring crisp full sound into your space.

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Swell's patent-protected technology makes crystal clear sound through a photo possible.

Simple and easy mobile connectivity with speaker

Stream Easily 

Just pair and play with Swell's quick connection and easy setup. Play your favorite tunes in perfect detail with BLE lossless streaming. 

Expertly Designed

Swell's patented technology is the result of over three years research and development. Our speakers have been perfectly tuned to emit crisp highs and clean rich bass all wile remaining 1.5" thick.
High quality printing of speaker feature image

Museum Quality Printing

Printed with 11 pigment archival inks and topped with a UV resistant coating, your photos are designed to last a lifetime.

What our customers are saying

"Easiest gift giving experience ever. I got to choose the size and my niece uploaded the photo she wanted. Looks and sounds amazing!"

Heather R.

Give Swell Today

Create an audio visual experience that will never be forgotten. 

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